luton-science-fair-science-is-everywhereLuton Science Fair from the at the University of Bedfordshire, Park square, Luton

You can read more about the Luton Science Fair on our University page.

Slide Panel

  • Acute Health Care by L. Dean & J. Ross

  • Biomedical science

  • Cryobiology Emma Spikings

  • Computer aided design by Colin Davies

  • Education (being a science teacher)

  • Media Arts and Production

  • Microbiology (hand washing)

  • Nursing by Tony McGrath

  • Performing arts

  • Public Health

  • Animation by Colin Davies

  • Code breaking (C.Sci)

  • Computer science

  • Environmental science

  • Forensic science

  • Midwifery by Vivien Perry

  • Nutritional science

  • Performing arts and animation

  • Sports science

  • Tourism and Leisure by Sally Everett

What happened
in 2012

Tour of the Biomedical Science labs, MSc Meet a scientist/ student, with Ambassador: HoD Jan Domin

Tour of the TV LaB Studios with HoD Peter Dean

Tour of the Psychology Labs with HoD Ian Robertson

Tour of the Computer Science Labs with HoD Yong Yue

  • magic

    Science Magic

  • secrecy

    Science of secrecy with Carsten Maple

  • media

    Science in the Media with Peter Dean

  • environmental

    Environmental impacts of climate change on coral reefs, why we should care? With James Crabbe: Video?

  • antoe

    Meet a Sport Scientist Wednesday 14th March Jordan McCann, Luton town FC, Antoe Walters and HoD John Brewer.

  • dance

    Science and Dance with Helen Bailey

  • olympics

    The Modern Olympics and The science of performance, putting the cart before the horse? with Gordon Mellor

  • putteridgebury

    Presentation by Professor Janet Drew (University of Hertfordshire) Wednesday 14th March 2012 at Putteridge Bury.

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The Location


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The Science Fair takes place in the A00 rooms located on the ground floor.

The hub of the 2012 Luton Science Fair will be the A00 rooms of Park Square, which will be clearly signposted from each of the building entrances.

Lab tours and presentations will all be signposted from the A00 rooms with Student Ambassadors on the help desk providing detailed directions.

01582 743573

University of Bedfordshire
Luton campus
Park Square

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